What I Do

It’s very difficult for me to narrow down into bullets what it is I do. You can find a very detailed description here on my company page, Artisan Branding.

As a design professional in the year 2013, in order to publish content you have do many things such as write content, design grids, format images, take pictures, structure content via html, etc., The list could go on and on… as it quite literally does.

I got an email the other day as sort of a “pre” request for proposal. This is my response to the email as it was written:

I create websites from the ground up-from design (creative), technical (manage hosting & and any 3rd partys), and do a fair amount of coding in order for the sites to “scale” appropriately for the future “technologist.”

All of my work as a designer and/computer coder is rooted in our “Search Engine” friendly world. In other words, every thing I do on a client’s website is baked into the idea that it must be “findable” by a “search engines”… The way I do this is through a careful statistical analysis over time based on a multitude of search engine’s crawl factors. (I would need to show you. It is a difficult concept if one has not seen this before… however, it is truly magical!).

I do pride myself on websites that are simple, findable, honest and human.

I’d love to hear more about what you are looking for… a developer? a designer? a coder? a search engine optimizer? … To me, these all are just “different colors of the same horse” per se. However, if you have a specific “need” that needs to be addresses, id be happy to do that!


I have been working in marketing and advertising of luxury real estate for seven years.

Initially, I started working in publishing of print ad sales for a printed monthly magazine. “Online” Marketing, which, at the time, was a fundamentally new, if not skeptical, marketing concept and/or venture. As it turns out, the social platforms are now an integral part of any organization’s marketing. My philosophy was and still is to have a platform independent of your core business that provides a more social and personalized experience for the visitor. The independent platform is and was meant to engage the user to take the next step into understand the organization’s day to day business, culture and product. From the platform, the visitor would be presented with options such as: browse more, contact the company, or interact with representatives and share content through differing avenues.

The platforms I created are still as vibrant and thriving as the publication itself.

How I Got Here

As I ventured into the freelance/independent contractor world, I discovered that the work I was (and currently) doing for my clients went hand-in-hand with the type of business they were in.(i.e., dealing with clients, small business owner, market contingent & constantly changing.)

My earliest designs and websites are rooted in blogs. Blogging is where I discovered the power of marketing on the internet. My first blog was a personal blog that I kept. I began to experiment with blog posts that were personal and anecdotal. Each post had its own little story or theme. Because the blog began to generate traffic and interest I discovered that people were finding the blog through search engines and words I had written in the months prior.

I began to experiment with a variety of words that agents of certain regions might desire their prospective buyers and/or sellers to use in order to ‘get to’ and contact the agent. From here I realized that since I had a knack for ‘internet linguistics,’ ‘design’, ‘content development’, and ‘website architecture,’ I would ask my clients if this was something their business could use. I certainly believe(d) it did(does).